Welcome to Chiang Mai Counseling

We offer professional counseling services in Chiang Mai for a wide range of clients including

Foreign Workers

Providing support stress, burnout, mental and emotional wellbeing for foreign workers in Chiang Mai. Clients include teachers, business executives and rehab workers such as support staff and counselors. Subsidies may be available via our Employee Assistance Program.

Retirees & Expats

Living in a foreign country can have its challenges which may include boredom, loneliness, sadness, uncertainty or depression. We have a range of counseling services both in Chiang Mai and online which may be useful for clients living in remote areas, lacking transport, or mobility issues.

Thai nationals

With very few Thai speaking counselors in Chiang Mai many of our Thai clients have benefited from our western approach to counseling. Brett is very familiar with Thai language, customs and cultural differences. Thai translation service with third party translator available if required.

Relationship counseling

Many people commit to counseling in Chiang Mai as a way to help build, repair or save relationships that are facing both challenges and potential separation. Our therapy solutions have been proven to help both codependency and Thai / Western cross-cultural relationships.

Outpatient support and post-rehab aftercare

Chiang Mai Counseling offers these services both independently and in conjunction with various licensed rehabs in Thailand. We are happy to meet with clients in person prior to discharge and to liaise with current primary therapist as part of the post-treatment moving on / aftercare plan.

Freelance counseling for licensed rehabs

Individual counseling and group therapy for local rehabs, recovery houses and wellness centers in Chiang Mai or online. Particularly useful during busy times, staff holidays, sickness and visa runs. Copy of work permit and tax invoice can be provided from our registered Thai limited company.

Brett James Thornton


Counselor and Therapist – Chiang Mai 

BA Hons, BHRT Masters and Practitioner Diploma in Hypnotherapy & Counselling




Seeking counseling for the first time can be quite daunting but experience and feedback from hundreds of clients have shown us that the benefits received far outweigh the initial fear. People come to see a counselor for many reasons. Beneath the initial problem usually lies one or more of the following


  • Not feeling heard, appreciated or understood
  • Self-doubt, lost, uncertain, anxious or fearful


By seeking in-person face to face counseling in Chiang Mai or online clients can connect with an experienced counselor or psychotherapist either in our therapy rooms or in the comfort of your own home with peace of mind that all counseling sessions are private and confidential.


The adage “a problem shared is a problem halved” is even more true when working with a counselor or therapist. A trained professional will have professional qualifications and most importantly experience in helping other people with similar problems and the best way to resolve these.



Alcohol & Substance Abuse

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

  • Anxiety
  • Burnout
  • Disconnection
  • Depression
  • Bereavement
  • Grief & Loss
  • Irritability
  • Overworking
  • Restlessness
  • Sleep Problems
  • Stress
  • Worrying

Alternative Therapy




“Brett has worked with us since our launch as a freelance consultant assisting with telephone support and rehab referrals. Brett’s caring, compassionate and professional approach has been gratefully received by clients and family members alike. We highly recommend Chiang Mai Counselling and Counselling Thailand for any clients looking for counseling in Chiang Mai or online.”

Gift Panhathai

Owner & Founder


“I know and teach Thai Language to Brett (Yim Thai) for nearly 4 years now. He also work with me to help my students remember difficult words using hypnotherapy and help them in other areas too including improve memory, increase confidence and techniques to overcome fear when speaking Thai language. I recommend to many people. Thank you”

Kru Salad

Owner & Founder


“Brett has worked within our organization in several capacities when required including management and aftercare services. Brett is extremely knowledgeable and highly respected amongst staff and clients and has been an invaluable part of our development in providing a first-class addiction treatment model in Chiang Mai. Highly recommended”


Daniel Lee

Operations Manager


“Brett is amazing. If you are looking for someone who knows what they are doing and can offer you an excellent service, then this is the best person. Thank you for what you do.”

Ali Young

Owner & Founder


“Great professional counselling service. Various modalities. Have used Brett on numerous occasions for client referral & have always received  positive feedback.”

Alastair Mordey

Owner & Founder


“I have known Brett professionally for 5 years. In that time he has always been a pleasure to deal with. He has helped many people and I would happily refer any clients to him.”

Rhys Bonney