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Counseling Chiang Mai

Counseling Chiang Mai -Approaches and Benefits

Accessing Counseling in Chiang Mai is often referred to as the principled and skilled use of relationship in order to facilitate emotional acceptance, self- knowledge and growth along with the optimal development of personal resources. The overall aim is to provide clients with a unique opportunity to work towards living a more satisfying and rewarding life. At Chiang Mai Counseling, we look at counseling as being conducted with those who are suffering from serious problems, but also those who are considered to be functioning well and normally.

Types of Counseling in Chiang Mai may vary from situation to situation, however deals with topics such as coping with crisis, developmental issues, resolving problems and working through feelings of inner conflict or imploring relationships with others. A counselors role is to facilitate your specific clients work in ways which work in line with your client’s value, personal resources and capacity for self-empowerment and determination. Counseling meets the variety of needs of a huge spectrum of individuals.

There are aspects that are generally considered what counselling is, and also a number of other aspects that it is not. It is crucial to identify these aspects in order to differentiate experienced mental health professionals, from those who may not be.

Counseling IS:

➢   healing process which occurs when both parties set aside a reoccurring time, in order to explore difficulties which may include negative or emotional feelings at times.
➢   An act of helping people in order to see things more clearly and mostly from a difference perspective. Allows clients to focus on emotions, feelings, past experiences and behaviours,
with a goal to facilitate positive change in ones life.
➢   A relationship of trust is crucial in successful counseling. Counsellors should always outline their policy regarding confidentiality.

Counseling IS NOT:
➢   Judgment
➢   Getting emotionally involved with your clients
➢   Looking at client’s struggles from counselors value system
➢   Giving advice
➢   Attempting to eradicate problems

The Role of the Counselor

The role of the counselor is to guide the clients and provide them with the tools in order to develop their own understanding of their current situation. Counselors should enable the clients to explore their lives, by talking honestly and with an open mind. Talking to a professional gives you the unique opportunity to express negative feelings such as resentment, anger, jealousy, guilt and fear.

Counselors In Chiang Mai encourage clients to examine certain parts of their lives which they may have previously viewed as difficult and impossible to do. Counseling may involve some exploration of childhood experiences in order to gain a more in-depth understanding of one’s day to day behaviours, and feelings and also of those through the years, and also how individuals respond to certain situations.

An effective counselor reduces the client’s confusion in life, allowing them to make effective decisions themselves, which may lead to positive changes in their behaviours and feelings. The eventual aim of counseling is to help enable clients in order to make their own decisions, and also act upon them.

Counseling Skills

There are many skills a good counselor should possess. Some of these include:

➢   Communication skills
➢   Be aware of body language and non-verbal communication
➢   Questioning
➢   Empathy
➢   Emotional Intelligence
➢   Interpersonal Skills
➢   Understanding Ethics
➢   Patience
➢   Compassion
➢   Knowledge of laws and regulation
➢   Open-mindedness
➢   Problem-solving skills
➢   Observational Skills
➢   Reasoning Skills

Approaches to Counseling in Chiang Mai

There are several different approaches utilized by counselors. The three primary approaches are behaviouralpsychodynamic and humanistic. Each of these approaches provide different theories, and our counselors approach problems using ideas from a unique approach or ideas from more than one, depending on the situation. These three approaches support a number of individual counselling.

➢   Behavioural Approach : The behavioural approach is a very common and affective for those seeking counselling in Chiang Mai and tends to focus more on the assumption that the environment of an individual determines their ultimate behaviour. The premise revolves around believing an individuals response to a situation depends greatly on their past learning and what has been reinforced in the past. Behavioural therapy relies on behaviours of individuals and aims to modify undesired behaviours. Using the behaviourist approach, counselors aim to identify  undesired behaviours along with clients and work together in order to change and adapt those behaviours. This is typically used for irrational fears, anxiety disorders, phobias and more.  Cognitive behavioural
 is an example of this type of approach. Please visit our CBT counseling page for more information.

➢   Psychodynamic Approach: This approach to counseling evolved by Sigmund Freud during his career as a doctor. Freud came across several patients who were suffering from conditions which were said to have ‘no cause’. The psychodynamic approach to counseling is based around the idea that ‘an in depth understanding of individuals and their struggles are possible through an understanding of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious. It is used to explore past experiences of individuals and to actively identify repressed issues from the past, which are unresolved and may result in current problems.

➢   Humanistic Approach : The humanistic approach to counseling recognises that there is a uniqueness in every individuals. It is based on the idea that all individuals have a capacity to grow towards their personal goals of fulfilment and self-realisation. Humanistic approach believes that problems aren’t caused specifically by life’s events, rather how each individual experiences them. Counselors using this approach would help clients explore their feelings and thoughts and actively work out their own personal solutions to the problems presented. Person-Centred Counseling is an example of the humanistic approach.

Benefits of Counseling in Chiang Mai

Seeking help from a counselor is considered when:
➢   Facing significant crisis
➢   Coping with huge life transitions
➢   Relationship problems
➢   Addiction or substance abuse
➢   Working on mental and emotional health

Regardless of your reason chosen to see a counselor, it offers a large array of benefits for us all. Here are some of the benefits:

➢   Learning how to make healthier choices
➢   Developing coping skills and strategies
➢   Helping individuals feel empowered
➢   Fresh insights about your life
➢   Improving communication skills
➢   Finding a healthy support system
➢   Feeling heard, understood and supported
➢   Improved quality of life
➢   Wellbeing
➢   Reduction in pharmaceutical interventions
➢   Improvement in one’s emotional self-regulation
➢   Supported emotional exploration

At Chiang Mai Counseling, we offer a variety of services some of which include:

➢   Anxiety disorders
➢   Depression
➢   Phobias
➢   Substance abuse
➢   Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
➢   Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders
➢   Loss of a loved one
➢   Burnout
➢   Insomnia
➢   Family Problems
➢   Relationship Problems
➢   Divorce
➢   Alcohol Counseling
➢   Teens, Adolescents & Family Therapy
 and more…….
We also offer hypnotherapy and life coaching amidst our other services.

4 Reasons Why Counseling Is Crucial To Integrate Into Your Lifestyle

Counseling is often surrounded with a lot of stigmas, however, counseling can be beneficial for anyone to integrate into their lifestyle, not only those who may be struggling with their problems.

1.    Helping to speak your mind
2.    Validity and clarity
3.    Explanations and answers
4.    Care and support

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for professional counseling in Chiang Mai. We are determined to help you find the right counselor and therapy approach which is best fit for you and your specific needs.
Our independent private practice has built it’s solid reputation from many referrals from clients and from other therapy practices worldwide. We offer counselling in both English and Thai language by Western trained counsellors experienced with working with individuals, adolescents, families and couples (extensive knowledge in Cross cultural / Thai Western relationshiops)
Please do reach out to us should you have any questions regarding our services. Additionally, without making any financial commitment to us first, we offer a free consultation call in order for you to ask your potential therapist any questions or queries you may have. Reach out to us today and begin your journey towards a more fulfilling and healthy life.