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Alcohol Counseling in Chiang Mai

Alcohol Counseling in Chiang Mai – Professional Support for Individuals & Families

Finding alcohol counseling in Chiang Mai is a valuable and important step in treating alcohol related problems. Our counselors in Chiang Mai can offer guidance and support your need for a full recovery. No matter how long you’ve been struggling with alcoholism or problem drinking, alcohol counseling can be a crucial first step when it comes to starting the recovery process.

Several rehab facilities use comprehensive treatment plans in their healing process. A comprehensive treatment plan is designed to treat the individual as a whole, and normally includes physical treatments as well, for example, exercise, spiritual treatments, emotional treatments, nutrition and also withdrawal management. They consist of a variety of different approaches such as outpatient and inpatient rehabs, medication-assisted therapies, counseling sessions, group therapy and other holistic based therapies.

What is the Role of an Alcohol Counselor?

Each individual has a unique experience with alcohol counselors, this is because the process of recovery can be different for each individual. Generally, you would meet with one of our trained therapists frequently individually, either online or in-person and also in group sessions throughout the first several months of recovery. Depending on an individual’s progression after a few months of being supervised, meetings may be reduced. However, all our clients must remember they can schedule a meeting with their counselor whenever having a difficult time.

How to Choose the Right Counselor for you

Before beginning your journey with alcohol counseling in Chiang Mai, it is crucial to find a counselor with who you are comfortable. Finding someone you can be open and honest with and talk to freely will be hugely beneficial in your recovery process. It is important to remember however, our counselors may only guide you along your journey, but it is up to you to be active and engaged through your own recovery journey and also apply things you’ve learned.

Take your time when researching the right alcohol counselor for you. Once you find suitable counselors, feel free to talk to them about your questions and queries. At Chiang Mai Counseling, we offer a free consultation call before you make any commitment to us. This is simply to ensure our clients are the most comfortable they can be and believe we are the right fit for them personally.

Be sure to keep these factors in mind when researching your alcohol counselor:

➢ Find someone with relevant experience: Counselors in Chiang Mai may specialize in several conditions, so it may help to narrow your search for those who specialize in helping those with alcohol dependencies.
➢ Ask about the types of therapy they use: Many counselors use different types of therapy based on the conditions they’re treating. The most common method of therapy for alcohol-related problems include cognitive behavioural therapy, holistic therapy and also biofeedback. Research and learn about which you believe best fits your needs.

Benefits of Alcohol Counseling in Chiang Mai

In person alcohol counseling in Chiang Mai has several benefits which may be able to help you get and also stay sober. The skills and techniques you learn can be applied to situations that you may face on a day to day basis at work or even in your personal life. Although parts of counseling can be difficult, you will be able to uncover underlying issues which are potentially fueling your drinking and also learn how to overcome them. Without digging deep into the roots of the problem, you are only looking at short-term fixes.

Some of the benefits of alcohol counseling are:

➢ Setting up personal goals and benchmarks: During your therapy our counselors will be able to help you develop achievable and realistic goals and
benchmarks. Some of these may be short term, such as overcoming an urge to drink or attending self-help meetings such as AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).
Other long-term goals could include ultimate sobriety. Each goal no matter short term or long term should be celebrated.

➢ Managing and preventing relevant triggers: Counseling will help guide you toward overcoming impulses and desires to drink. Identifying triggers before they occur over and over and managing them is a great first step. Additionally, learning to cope in various situations such as feeling anxious or depressed can also be very beneficial.

➢ Conquering obstacles: Recovery is an extremely important process that is personal and as a result, cannot be rushed through. Along your journey, you will be challenged and our counselors in Chiang Mai will prepare you on how to get past obstacles that may be obstructing your journey.

How to Access Help for Alcohol Counseling in Chiang Mai

Ready to take the first step and stop letting alcohol dependence define you? With the help of an alcohol counselor, you will be able to benefit greatly in managing and preventing triggers, work through withdrawal and live a more fulfilling and healthy life. Additionally, if our clients require a more comprehensive treatment, we are also able to make the necessary referrals and recommendations to relevant rehabilitation programs, or even the alcoholic anonymous programs. We also recommend websites such as the American Society Of Addiction Medicine for our clients to have all the information they need readily available for them.

Contact us through our website to explore your options. Begin your journey to recovery today!

“Remember – Every recovery started with one sober hour” – Unknown